Cash Security

Mactwin delivers security solutions for banks and CIT organizations. Our products minimize the chance a criminal is rewarded, thus making the attack completely futile. We strive to outsmart criminals every time, with products that anticipate the latest international MO’s.

Integrated solutions for Cash Security

Depending on your specific circumstances and requirements, we offer tailor made solutions that can be integrated with your existing security systems and processes. We can execute this integration for you and pride ourselves on going to great lengths to ensure optimal performance of the integrated systems.

Smart Solutions

Cash handling has many aspects, from the Cash in Transit to ATM maintenance, to counting and sorting the cash. Every aspect has its own risk moments, positions and MO’s. Mactwin has extensive knowledge of your processes and the latest Modi Operandi. We are able to design intelligent solutions that offer you peace of mind without hindering the operational process. By outsmarting the criminal every time, we break the arms race.

MactwinBox 5 is the new generation intelligent cash boxes, also known as Pavement Protection Systems. Thanks to the new, flexible and modular design, the MactwinBox always fits seamlessly within your specific CIT processes. You choose the functionality that best suits your process. Read more about the MactwinBox. Read more about the MactwinBox

The GPU (Gas Protection Unit) is a unique solution that protects ATMs against the gas attack scenarios of today and tomorrow. The solutions distinguishes itself from the competition by the ultra fast gas detection and the use of innovative techniques that render dangerous gasses harmless, in order to suppress an explosion for an unlimited time. By doing so, a gas attack will be useless and damage will be minimized. Read more about the GPU

GlueFusion is a revolutionary way of cash degradation inside ATM cassettes. Upon activation, the separate banknotes are glued together in record time. Separating an individual banknote is impossible. The banknotes will rip, causing the physical properties of the note to be irreversibly changed. There’s not a payment center, vending machine or retailer in the world that will accept a banknote that has been degraded by GlueFusion. With GlueFusion, attacks on the ATM are futile! Read more about GlueFusion ATM

Gatekeeper is an access management module that prevents tailgating and piggybacking in extremely small spaces, such as a CIT truck or ATM location. Gatekeeper makes sure only one person can enter the secured area, by using volume measurements. Combined with biometric access control systems that ensures the right person is entering the secured area, Gatekeeper makes for a highly efficient and complete access management system. Read more about Gatekeeper

Our target groups

Cash in Transit (CIT)

For decades, Mactwin has been CIT companies’ trusted partner in reducing the so-called pavement risk. Our solutions for this industry are:

Cash Box / Pavement Protection Ssystem
Single Person Access Management


Like no other, the Financial industry makes security a priority. Besides the ‘usual’ security measures, Mactwin developed solutions for the Cash Handling niche.

Solution against ATM Gas Attacks
Cash Degradation inside ATM Cash Cassettes
Single Person Access Management

Ask our specialists

Of course, there is much more to say about Cash Security. Please visit our Cash Security website for more information. Would you like to talk about Cash in Transit or irreversible cash degradation with us? Please, contact one of our specialists.

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