Broad practical experience

In the last 40+ years, we have helped numerous organizations improve their security. Organizations in all kinds of industries. We feel right at home in all industries where the risk, scale or complexity requires a certain security level. You could call us a generalist, but we have gained a lot of special expertise in a number of specific industries.  Click the pictures below for more information.

Banks & CIT

We have years of experience in securing banks and Cash in transit companies and maintaining the high levels of their physical security.


Safety & Security technology can prevent down time, industrial espionage and also fire. It can also complement the primary process.


Optimal security of people and assets, while maintaining the open, hospitable culture. Education requires a well thought-out approach.

Office Buildings

The diversity in multi-tenant situations in office buildings requires a clear vision to maintain uninterrupted processes for all.

Critical Infrastructure

An incident in the Critical Infrastructure has the potential to disrupt the entire society. How do you secure organizations such as these?


Connected Security offers the entertainment industry seamless management of visitor streams and insight into company processes.