Security solutions for government facilities

Government as a target group is quite broad. On the one hand you have national and local governments like Ministries and municipalities. On the other hand, you have high secure institutions like correctional facilities, remand centers, police stations, clinical detention centers, etc. While the first have an open, public function, the latter are closed and have exceptionally high risks – comparable with Cash Centers for instance.

Public Function

The government has a public task to fulfill and many government buildings have to be open to civilians. On the other hand, the government has to be able to guarantee the safety of its employees and visitors. Moreover, an open culture may not lead to easy access to private property or confidential information. And as recent events have shown, governments buildings are frequent targets for activists and even terrorists.

High Secure Facilities

In order to effectively secure high secure government facilities, we use our extensive experience with institutions like Cash Centers and bank offices. The big difference is that in the government’s case, someone is probably trying to break out, not in… Using our proven Octagon Security Method we can easily, consistently and for a fair price establish the security in relation to the operational process. We ensure that all types of users (detainees, staff, visitors, suppliers, etc) can optimally and safely fulfill their roles – 24/7.


Mactwin can integrate all your security technology for fire, intrusion detection, video surveillance, video analysis and building management into one management solution. This creates and effective Command & Control system for one or more locations. Our Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software not only lets your technical security systems work smoothly together,

but also enables you to better anticipate imminent threats. In the software, you can define workflows for each type of threat – based on your Standard Operating Procedures. In case of imminent danger, these workflows support and guide your security staff and responsible officers in making the right decisions at the right time. Always starting from proper situational awareness.

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