CSR Code of Conduct

Mactwin values Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The way we do business is not exclusively focused on making a profit, but also shows our attention for the wellbeing of people (internal & external) and planet.

As a partner of MVO Nederland (CSR The Netherlands), we support this organizations manifesto. The starting point for this manifesto is that connected companies strive towards a balance between people, planet and profit, with every corporate decision. But maybe our FIRA certification says even more about our drive in this area. This shows we connect the business to the CSR principle and helps us create ‘shared value’ for clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.

In relation to CSR, Mactwin has also composed a Code of Conduct that offers our employees a guideline for the day to day operation. The document consists of subjects like equal treatment, confidentiality & integrity, Human Resources policy and care for the environment. Doing business according to the CSR principle is not a hollow concept, but adds value to our organization. Value like the power to innovate, positive publicity, loyal staff and social goodwill.

What do MVO Nederland and FIRA stand for?

MVO Nederland

MVO (CSR) is an integral vision on sustainable corporate management. A company that does business with Corporate Social Responsibility in mind, weighs every corporate decision by its social and economic effects, taking into account every stakeholders’ interests. After all, every decision influences the stakeholders of a company. These can be coworkers or clients, but also neighbors, suppliers, investors and ‘society’ as a whole.


FIRA’s vision: accelerating sustainability through shared value.┬áThe key to a more sustainable world lies in the hands of business, as choices made by major corporations have an enormous impact on society. By connecting sustainable initiatives of companies to those of their customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, a chain can be created in which a viable business case for sustainability is present in every link. This leads to the generation of shared value, in which everyone involved can really make a difference while remaining profitable.