All around the world, we see an increase in physical attacks on ATMs. There is a great need for a solution for this problem. We developed a Whitepaper Cash Degradation in ATMs, in which we describe preventive measures that banks, ATM suppliers and/or service parties can take to fight this Modus Operandi effectively. Because we believe in the power of Cash Degradation, the emphasis lies on this specific security measure.

7 Considerations

An important preventive measure in this case, is to remove the expectation of a reward, by degrading the cash inside the ATM. There are several solutions available, from different suppliers. The solutions use different degradation liquids: ink, glue or a combination of the two. But there are more differences between these solutions. This whitepaper describes 7 considerations to take into account when selecting a cash degradation system.

Integral approach

Although cash degradation is very effective, we typically advise to implement additional measures that increase the risk for the criminal and that frustrate and/or hinder them when they’re committing their crime. We discuss camera systems, DNA markers, anti-ram bollards or barriers and fog generators. Also, what is the role of sentencing in reducing the number of attacks? Finally, it’s important to exchange knowledge and information between stakeholders, like police, the Department of Justice, ATM manufacturers/suppliers and (technical) security companies.

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