Service Level Agreement: PermanentProtectionTM

•  A Service Level Agreement that fits like a well tailored suit

•  Optimal security ensured

•  Customized unburdening

•  Save money

Service with Care: PermanentProtectionTM

With Mactwin’s PermanentProtectionTM SLA you choose when and how fast you get tech support. When applicable we will offer you remote service. This allows us to react faster and save you money. Do you want maximum certainty without surprises? Then you can cover the cost for Service & Maintenance with a fixed monthly fee.

Maximum Unburdening

Because good security is dependent of multiple factors, Mactwin goes above and beyond the standard options for Service & Maintenance, with response times and time windows. For example, you can choose Remote Service & Maintenance, Control Room and Surveillance Services, Remote Application Management and even the use of an Interim Security Manager.

Easily compile your PermanentProtectionTM SLA

Compile your own PermanentProtectionTM SLA in 3 easy steps. Depending on your wishes, systems or software, you choose:

You can choose On-site and/or Remote Service & Maintenance modules. If you choose Remote Service & Maintenance, we remotely manage and maintain your systems for a fixed monthly fee, from within our Remote Operation Center. We will only visit your location if remote support is not possible.

Depending on a location’s risk profile, the impact of a disruption and the desired certainty, you choose a response category (for each type of system if necessary). This will determine the maximum response time and the time window (for example 24/7 or only in office hours) in which we will fix malfunctions in your systems.

Depending on your desired level of unburdening, you choose an additional SLA module. By integrally delegating multiple activities and responsibilities to Mactwin, you can realize benefits concerning quality, knowledge, cost and effectiveness of security measures. This gives us integral insight into your security situation so we can proactively optimize your security measures.

Ask our Specialists

If you have any more questions about our security solutions, our specialists are ready to help you. They are happy to translate these solutions to your specific situation. Feel free to contact us!

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Account Manager

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