Years of cooperation

Mactwin and Bosch Security Systems have been partners for many long years. As official business partner, we carry high quality, reliable and user friendly Bosch solutions for:

  • Security cameras

  • Intelligente Video Analyse (IVA)

  • Fire Prevention

  • Evacuation Systems

Being a Bosch business partner, Mactwin has privileged access to Bosch product specialists and are the first to be informed about new developments. Our experts are trained extensively by Bosch, so we can provide you with sound advise and integrate these top notch products seamlessly within your process. Naturally, we offer unparalleled service and maintenance on Bosch products.

Video Surveillance

Bosch has suitable security cameras for every situation and circumstance. From conventional Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras, to full HD cameras that render super sharp and detailed footage en even perform in the most demanding of conditions. Contrary to other HD cameras, Bosch HD cameras still provide a very usable image quality in very poor lighting conditions.

Bosch spends a lot of time and attention making sure products are compatible, easy to install and easy to use. All Bosch cameras support the ONVIF standard, and can be integrated in practically any Video Management System. The cameras have rich functionality, like video analysis inside the camera (IVA) and a web server that can simultaneously stream multiple and different types of video streams for different systems.
Mactwin carries the complete Bosch CCTV product range: from the wide range of gamma IP security cameras and digital recorders, to switches, displays, IP network video products and license plate recognition equipment.

By using Bosch Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), you can save a great deal of money on operational security costs. Moreover, incidents and events never go unnoticed. The so-called Bosch intelligent camera systems equipped with Intelligent Video Analysis can autonomously detect predefined situations or suspects and generate an alarm automatically. In short, a set of extra eyes for operators or security staff leads to more (and more reliable) observation with fewer people.

A Bosch camera observation system can automatically send an operator a message with footage from an event that shows a predefined situation. He won’t miss another single incident. A comforting and safe feeling.

For forensic research, Bosch Intelligent Video Analysis also offers the right tools that allow for days of video to be searched in mere minutes. Events are found faster and with fewer people.

Cameras with Intelligent Video Analysis go beyond the call of security. This technology can also be used for numerous other applications. For example, IVA is used for POS (Point of Sale) analysis and the counting of people that visit a store in different time frames. This allows for better staff planning. Camera’s can also observe the queue at the cash register, so extra staff can be swiftly deployed if necessary.

Fire and Evacuation

The powerful, highly flexible and modular Bosch Fire Detection Panels allow realization of small as well as very large Fire Prevention Systems with one central user interface for programming and alarming. The beautiful touch screen display helps you operate the systems intuitively. Thanks to the modular build, the system can be easily adapted to the user’s wishes. You need only invest in the parts and functions you truly need.

Easy integration
All Bosch Fire Detection Systems are equipped with a networking interface that enables you to combine multiple systems in a network. The Fire Detection Panels are also easily linked (e.g. OPC based) with a central security management system or PSIM. This way, the system will become part of an integral security solution, with all sorts of benefits. For example, you can immediately use cameras to verify a starting fire.

A unique product in Bosch’s detector range, is the so-called ‘invisible smoke detector’, a flat detector that blends into the ceiling (including color, if required). Being a certified Fire Security company, Mactwin can use the extensive Bosch product range (automatic fire detectors, callpoints, sirenes, strobes, interface modules and other elements) to create a highly effective Fire Prevention System.

Bosch Praesideo is a flexible and completely digital, spoken word Evacuation System. The system uses the fiberglass network to ensure noise free sound, high redundancy and a flexible system design. Praesidio is also completely programmable and can communicate with other systems, like Building Management, Fire Detection or Information Systems. Thanks to the high reliability, maintenance costs for Praesidio is remarkably low.

The user interface of the Evacuation System can easily be adapted to the wishes and requirements of the user. The user can decide what buttons he sees, which means even the biggest systems can be easily operated from a PC or touch screen. Praesidio optionally comes with log registration software that can load event log information from different systems, enabling remote diagnosis and security. If maximum availability is required, the network running the system can be implemented redundantly. In this case, even a physical break in the fiberglass cable won’t affect the system.

Praesidio has been TÜV certified, in accordance with the new safety standards ISO 7240-16 and (a world premiere) also with EN54.

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