Measurable Control

We commit to your security, take responsibility and manage by KPIs.

Your security measures cost money. So it’s only logical that you expect a return on your investment, besides some state of the art technology or a well planned procedure. Make it measurable! We look forward to helping your security organization with establishing KPIs and assist you in achieving your goals. We use monitoring tools that give us constant feedback, enabling us to make adjustments in case something is off track. Moreover, Mactwin developed the BIESS and Octagon methods that guarantee a consistent and flawless conceptualization and implementation of your security. All of this allows us to take responsibility and truly be a partner for you.

Peace of mind

Optimally secured, you can comfortably focus on your core processes.

Mactwin always makes sure a security solution does what it’s supposed to. Even after the installation, we keep a close eye on your security… From our Remote Operation Center, we monitor your systems. If it turns out something is off track – e.g. if batteries are low, camera footage is below par or a sensor is defective – our specialists will be on it. Remotely, if possible, so the environment is spared and money is saved. Thanks to our continuous monitoring, you will always have your security systems performing optimally so you can comfortably focus on your core processes.

Balanced with your Operation

Security shouldn’t impede your organization, but support your daily operation.

A good security solution should keep the delay on your operational processes to a minimum; and preferably not delay at all! Also, a good security solution always exists out of carefully balanced organizational, structural and electronic elements. Before we start conceptualizing your security solution, we listen closely to your wishes and requirements and delve into your risks and processes. This ensures that the solution we offer you will always seamlessly match your organization and its risks. The interrelationship between the solution’s different components is also taken into account. All in all, you will get a balanced and fine-tuned security solution that supports your operational processes, instead of impeding them.

Security Awareness

Data from security technology delivers insight in risks, (near) incidents and performance.

Integrated security systems can cooperate and exchange information. This information will make you aware of the risks surrounding your organization, so you can forehandedly anticipate them. Besides, integration has many practical advantages. You can be informed about (near) incidents and the performance of your systems. In the advanced Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems, extensive security procedures can be implemented and alarms can be settled automatically.

Incident decrease

Well planned and implemented security will work preventively and decrease the number of incidents.

Which is what you want. Less disturbance to your daily operation. Our seasoned security experts will map out relevant risks and work closely together with you to establish a set of security measures that will optimally mitigate these risks. On top of that smart systems will provide insight, based on knowledge and experience from the past. The technology will actively help you predict trends, to which you can respond preventively. Your employees will feel safe in the workplace, because we – you and us – have done the right things ánd done things right.

Ask our Specialists

If you have any more questions about our security solutions, our specialists are ready to help you. They are happy to translate these solutions to your specific situation. Feel free to contact us!

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Account Manager

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